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Teaching myself German right now, and these are a couple of study aids I made, that I wanted available. So this is essentially the world's most primitive cloud storage, and thank-you-very-much. But maybe they'll be nützlich for you too.

iPhone Marimba Ringtone Variations

Sometimes the utter ubiquity of something gives you a strange urge to break it. That's the explanation I've got for ya.

I did these using FLStudio by ImageLine Software... the gents from Gent!

Monkeying with CSS 3D transforms:

Hover or tap to flip the card!

Six of these, just because.
Behold: The Greatest Page in the History of the Internet

This edit is dedicated to all the guitar players and is called "Actually I Think Maybe I CAN Live Without You."

Explanation for the young'uns.

Knock Knock Knock Knock
(the unlikely meeting of Shellac and Ray Charles)