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Intranet-facing ASP.NET MVC web app backed by a SQL Server database Intensive Development September 2017-May 2018, with updates June 2018-April 2019

Demonstration video coming soon. (It's taking a while... there's a lot of confidential stuff to blur out!)

DMS is a department at Intel that manages a large library of architectural drawings in digital form, indexing them and checking them out to customers. Starting from another developer's initial work, I developed "DMSweb" and ancillary software to automate and streamline the process.

Major Functions

Indexing Documents – Developed an extract/transform/load (ETL) process, eliminating cumbersome & inconsistent manual updates.

Selecting & Requesting Documents – Developed two separate interfaces for this (with some shared features), for two types of customer:

Fulfilling Requests – Developed an interface for the DMS department itself, for managing document requests.

Bonus Capabilities resulting from having everything in a database for the first time:

CAD Automation

Coming soon.